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Linda Young


Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences

University of Wisconsin-Eau

My leadership has engaged key stakeholders to influence policy and garner key resources for the nursing faculty workforce in Wisconsin. I led the development of a proposal called Nurses for Wisconsin which was awarded 3.2 Million dollars in funding. This grant included the four UW nursing programs with doctoral programs and provided funding for nurses to achieve their terminal degree as well as loan forgiveness for new faculty hires, all with a three commitment to teach in Wisconsin. Following this effort, I then led all of the nursing education leaders in Wisconsin to stand as one voice for the legislative ask of 10 million dollars to address the nursing faculty shortage impacting all nursing education programs in all Wisconsin.
Internationally, I have demonstrated leadership through several experiences. At the beginning of my nursing career I had the opportunity to introduce the nursing process to the National Heart and Chest hospitals in London, England. This experience established my global lens and changed my career path in nursing. Development of a ten-year health partnership with two communities in El Salvador was my next endeavor. This partnership involved many student immersion experiences to work with the two communities in El Salvador on their self-identified health needs. Trust was foundational to this partnership which needed to be put on hold due to the increase in violence and the outbreak of Zika in El Salvador. It has been my involvement in the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) as co-chair of the Resource Acquisition Committee to strategically grow resources to foster International family nursing that has continued to feed my global soul.

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