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Xinjuan Wu


Director of Nursing Department

Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Xinjuan Wu is currently Director of Nursing Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Additionally, she is the President of Chinese Nursing Association.
Prof. Wu have pioneered critical development of nursing practice and nursing policy in China, which influenced millions of practicing nurses and millions of patients. As Director of Nursing Department, her accomplishments include guidelines for care of patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Technical Specifications for Intravenous Therapy, and a stratified Nursing Grading (clinical ladder) System. As President of the Chinese Nursing Association, she led the nursing strategic development plan, and developing of the National Health and Health Committee Nursing Service Policy. Additionally, she led board members to organize the first International Nursing Forum in 2019 which invited leaders of more than 50 nursing associations from other countries to foster international exchange and cooperation and expand international impact of Chinese nursing society. Her contributions also include dissemination of research results supported by more than 4 million Dollars grant funds and innovating countless practice developments and guidelines that shape nursing practice across China and beyond. In 2020, Prof. Wu actively engaged in quick response to Novel Coronavirus outbreak. She led a national medical team to Wuhan to fight against the virus with other nurses in the frontline. She also led to implement a series of infection control actions, resulting in zero infection of all medical team members in Wuhan.
Prof. Wu completed her MSN degree at School of Nursing, Peking Union Medical College.

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