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Sabrina Wong



University of British Columbia

Sabrina Wong is a Professor at the University of British Columbia School of Nursing and faculty with appointments in the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, School of Public and Population Health and Department of Family Medicine.
Dr. Wong’s research addresses the delivery and organization of primary health care with an emphasis on examination of health and healthcare inequities. She has led both US (e.g. Agency for Research, Healthcare and Quality) and Canadian (e.g. Canadian Institute for Health Research) funded grants that have resulted in new survey instruments being available in different languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Punjabi and Korean and performance metrics to understand innovations in primary care reform. Her work has also resulted in measurement of equity oriented healthcare processes. Findings from her most recent work suggest that portraits in primary care that incorporate multiple voices from patients, clinicians, clinics and policy documents can provide a picture of performance that takes into account the context where care is being delivered. The impact of her research is far-reaching and cited in journals of nursing, medicine, public health and social science. Knowledge from her research has resulted in widely accepted patient reported experience and outcome measures frequently used in quality improvement and other research efforts in primary care. She holds an Editorial Board position on Healthcare Policy.

Dr. Wong received her BSN from University of British Columbia and her MS and PhD from the University of California, San Francisco. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the UCSF Institute for Health Policy Studies.

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