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Lovoria B. Williams


Associate Professor

University of Kentucky

Dr. Lovoria Williams is a recognized nationally as an exemplary academic nurse leader, a health behavior scientist and an advocate for underrepresented populations and communities. Her academic leadership and research activities advance the state of science for diabetes prevention, tobacco cessation, cancer screening and awareness, specifically through community health workers. She provides a regional and national platform for translating research among African American faith communities and is one of a few nurse leaders to focus on faith-based behavioral interventions. Among her numerous consultant roles, she leverages the platform of the National Baptist Convention's Health Outreach Prevention and Education Ministry, to reach over 7.5 million congregants nationally. Dr. Williams is known for her expertise with building community-based research initiatives with students, faculty, faith-based agencies and affiliations to influence health outcomes and policies. Clinically, she maintains an active role as a tobacco treatment specialist to develop cessation protocols for the seriously mentally ill. As an academic leader, she has contributed significantly to advancing recruitment and retention initiatives for underrepresented nursing students and nurse colleagues as President of the local chapter of the National Black Nurses Association, the Kentucky Nurses Action Coalition's External Advisory Board and the Director of Membership at Large for the Southern Nurses Research Society.

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