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Elizabeth T. Weathers

PhD, RGN, BSc (Hons), PGCertTLHE

Clinical Research Manager/Lecturer

Ion Beam Applications/University College Cork

Elizabeth Weathers is an Online Lecturer at University College Cork, Ireland. Dr. Weathers also holds an inaugural position as Clinical Research Manager at Ion Beam Applications, Belgium. She is the company clinical research expert, has developed new policies, and is initiating the first company-sponsored study. She views her role in the company as an opportunity to endorse the value of nursing, by promoting the transferable skills of nurses working in non-traditional settings.
Dr. Weathers boasts a diverse and culturally rich career pathway with experience in clinical practice, academia and industry across Europe and the Middle East. She is regarded as an expert on spirituality and health. Her research activities have adapted to meet the needs of each region she has worked in and to effect change for patients. While working in Bahrain, she created the first collaborative studies involving colleagues from the school of nursing, medicine and clinical practice. Dr. Weathers is the founding President of the first Irish chapter of Sigma International Honor Nursing Society. The chapter extends nationwide and is the first non-regulatory, non-labor union nursing body in Ireland, open to all specialties and grades. Just one year after chartering the Irish chapter, she was elected to the Sigma International Governance Committee for the Biennium 2019-2021. She also serves as Expert Reviewer for the European Commission COST funding organization.

Dr. Weathers received her BSN and PhD from University College Cork, Ireland, and holds an Accreditation in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland.

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