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Kefang Wang



Shandong University

Dr. Kefang Wang is a professor at Shandong University School of Nursing, China. She has served as dean of the school since 2016. Additionally, she is Vice Chairman, Undergraduate Teaching Steering Committee of Nursing, Ministry of Education, China.

Dr. Wang has a sustained and distinguished record of research funding from multiple national funding agencies in China that mirrors her research priorities: chronic condition management and elder care. Notably, in collaboration with Dr. Palmer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, she developed the Toileting Behaviors Scale (TB-WEB) to quantify behaviors women use for urinary elimination. The TB-WEB has been translated into 5 languages (English, Chinese, Swedish, Flemish, and Korean), and used across multiple health disciplines and cultures to identify behaviors that could compromise bladder health. Dr. Wang demonstrated her impact in nursing education through contributions to curricular development and implementation. She has transformed the disease-focused curriculum model to a health-centered model by creating multiple courses. The impact of these courses has been recognized by 3 national-level course excellence awards. Dr. Wang’s excellence and contribution in education has been recognized as Distinguished Educator in Gerontological Nursing by the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence, 2019. Dr. Wang has published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals and delivered more than 60 presentations at international and national scientific conferences, demonstrating her outstanding and sustained impact on nursing research and education.

Dr. Wang received her BSN from Peking University, MS and PhD from Shandong University of China.

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