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Dian Traisci-Marandola


College Relations Manager

Visiting Nurse Service
of New York

As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) and Public Health Specialist, I leverage my professional relationships in both the United States and the Philippines to create policies and scalable service interventions that support the long term and sustainable transformation of a “sick care system” into a “health-promoting system”; a system that provides lasting solutions to the root cause of problems faced by children and vulnerable populations at the community, state, and international levels.

I am a patient advocate, writer, educator and collaborator with experts that I have met locally, regionally and around the world. Locally, I impacted the health of children in my community as an elected official on New Milford, Connecticut’s Board of Education where I authored the school district’s Wellness Policy. After 9-11, I launched a company to form public health emergency preparedness protocols, establish health alert systems, implement emergency drills and advocate for child-friendly spaces in emergency shelters. I published “Nurses Without Walls” describing my work providing disaster primary care post-Hurricane Katrina to the New Orleans community. In service delivery, I am an advocate for transition to practice - nurse residency programs both in the hospital and home care setting. In the Philippines, I took my advanced practice skills to clear 27 children for surgery and then broadened my impact by advocating for child protection programs and leading the establishment of a home-care and hospice program for people living in two low resourced communities.

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