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Victoria Tiase


Director, Research Science

NY Presbyterian Hospital

Victoria L. Tiase is Director of Research Science at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and a Lecturer in Healthcare Policy and Research in the Division of Health Informatics, Weill Cornell Medicine.
Dr. Tiase has substantially advanced informatics practice and policy through sustained contributions of advocacy, mentorship, and leadership in nursing over a 25-year career. With service on several boards and nursing informatics organizations, such as the CARIN Alliance, NODE.Health, American Medical Informatics Association, and the Alliance for Nursing Informatics, Dr. Tiase continues to provide valuable nursing input to assist patients easily obtain, use, and share their digital health information. She developed and validated a scale used to measure nurse Readiness to Engage with Patient-Facing Health Information Technology Tools (RE-PHIT). Through innovation and research, she currently works to advance knowledge related to the use of digital health and patient-generated health data to reduce the documentation burden of clinicians. As the only nursing informatics resource appointed, Dr. Tiase serves on the National Academy of Medicine Future of Nursing 2030 Committee to envision the nurse’s role in using novel technologies to advance shared decision-making activities and to promote health equity. In the course of her work, she has developed a reputation as a vocal and highly effective advocate for patient-centered approaches to a more interoperable health care ecosystem.
Dr. Tiase received a BSN from University of Virginia, MSN from Columbia University, and PhD from University of Utah.

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