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Laurie A. Theeke


Professor and PhD Program Director

West Virginia University

West Virginia

Dr. Theeke has over 30 years of nursing career and is a respected and recognized clinician, researcher, educator, mentor, and program director. Her program of research on loneliness emphasized the magnitude of loneliness as a prevalent health problem requiring diagnosis and intervention to diminish known downstream negative health outcomes of loneliness. Her work resulting in diminished stigma, considerations for screening for loneliness in state programs, and intervention development. Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Faculty Scholars program funded the development of LISTEN, an intervention designed to be precise to loneliness. LISTEN is theoretically framed using concepts from story theory, and structured based on principles of cognitive restructuring. LISTEN has demonstrated effectiveness for diminishing loneliness and has potential for scalability in health systems as a treatment for loneliness. Dr. Theeke’s impact in the health and social science literature is immense, as she is regularly and frequently cited in global literature from nursing, psychology, medicine, public health, and social work. As interprofessional scientists work to find solutions for loneliness, Dr. Theeke continues to contribute expertise for future interventions being developed for special populations or different delivery modalities. Dr. Theeke’s work is recognized internationally and has been featured in highly reputable news media, providing information about the importance of addressing loneliness, now described as a global epidemic. Dr. Theeke earned her BSN, MSN, and PhD from West Virginia University School of Nursing and is an alumni of the Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Faculty Scholars Program.

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