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Mary W. Stewart


Professor and Director of PhD Program

University of Mississippi
Medical Center

Mary W. Stewart is a Professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center where she leads the PhD program in nursing science.
A passionate advocate for future nurse scientists and a leader in population health improvement, Dr. Stewart impacts health status and health equity for the rural and underserved. Her career started with work in rural Brazil and Mexico that informed models of care, including a multi-state, coordinated crisis response to Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. During 26 years in academe, Dr. Stewart built and led educational programs with a commitment to integrity, diversity, and inclusivity that contributed to innovative learning environments and created opportunities for bringing together leaders across health care disciplines to improve health. Recently, she developed structures for a partnership with the National Cancer Institute and their Moonshot Project to achieve Mississippi-wide research on cervical cancer, giving African American women a strong voice in clinical practice guidelines for human papillomavirus. The collaborative is expanding to include testing of novel screening technologies that can result in cervical cancer elimination. A consummate nurse educator, Dr. Stewart’s record reflects significant and sustained impact with vulnerable populations, including people with human immunodeficiency virus, international communities, persons affected by disaster, LGBTQ persons, the impoverished, adolescents, and the aging. She shares her expertise through board service, mentoring, teaching, and over 50 publications and international presentations.
Dr. Stewart received a BSN from Mississippi College, MSN with a focus in nursing education and a PhD in nursing from the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

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