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Kawkab Shishani


Associate Professor

Washington State University

Kawkab Shishani is an Associate Professor at the Washington State University College of Nursing.

She is nurse scientist and international leader in the study of waterpipe tobacco smoking. She started her research career with epidemiological studies on tobacco use in Jordan. After moving to the U.S. she continued building on her previous work around tobacco use. Her research has advanced the nursing science on waterpipe tobacco addiction. She was awarded a K01 NIH award to test innovative waterpipe tobacco cessation intervention. To translate her research into effective programs, she implemented innovative student service learning around tobacco use prevention to meet needs of local and global communities (e.g U.S.A., Uzbekistan, Jordan, Oman). Globally and locally, she mentors international prospective students, and regularly present about islamophobia and social justice.

Dr. Shishani received her BSN from the University of Jordan, her MSN from Villanova University and her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh.

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