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Jean Shinners


Executive Director

Versant Center for the Advancement of Nursing

Jean Shinners is the executive director at Versant’s Center for the Advancement in Nursing. Dr. Shinners developed several instruments to expand research for nurses in transition. The Versant Self-Efficacy instrument investigates nurse’s perception of their ability to perform foundational, professional competencies. The Professional Development Assessment tool provides insight into a nurse’s professional trajectory and is used as a retention tool to engage and develop staff.

An experienced clinician from Cleveland Clinic Florida, Dr. Shinners held prior shared faculty positions at Broward State College and Florida Atlantic University where she was able to combine her passion for clinical practice and education. Over the course of her career, Dr. Shinners has worked with the Association for Nursing Professional Development in the revision of their standards and the development of their current practice model. She is committed to building and sustaining healthy work environments and served as a contributor for the intraprofessional National Collaborative for Improving the Clinical Learning Environment.

Additionally, Dr. Shinners is the current chair of the American Nurses Credential Center’s commission on practice transition accreditation. Dr. Shinners is associate editor for the Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing and a Sigma Theta Tau Virginia Henderson Fellow.

Dr. Shinners began her nursing career as a diploma graduate at Milwaukee County General Hospital School of Nursing. She obtained her BSN and MSN degrees at Florida Atlantic University and then went on to obtain her PhD in professional studies at Capella University.

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