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Madrean Schober



Schober Global Healthcare Consulting

Madrean Schober, PhD, MSN, BGS, RN, NP, FAANP, FAAN is President of Schober Global Healthcare Consulting. She provides consultancies to governments, academic institutions and health care clients worldwide. Dr. Schober has expertise in health care policy, curriculum design and program development for advanced practice nursing. While serving as an educator, mentor, writer and lecturer, Schober advocates for insightful care to diverse populations and strategic planning for improved access to health care for all. She has served on the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Board of Directors as the Region 5 Director. Dr. Schober has been actively involved in lobbying for legislation and regulations that define state nurse practitioner practice, as well as advocating for and developing a coalition for nurse practitioners in Indiana. As the 1999–2000 Virginia Henderson Fellow for the International Council of Nurses in Geneva, Switzerland, and the 1994–2014 international relations liaison for American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Schober's most outstanding contributions to nursing have been in international networking. As a leader in the development of the International Council of Nurses Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing Network and its inaugural Chair, Dr. Schober works to promote a visible presence of Advanced Practice Nurses globally.

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