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Adelais Markaki


Associate Professor

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Adelais Markaki is an Associate Professor & Co-Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for International Nursing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing.

With a 30+ year international career, Dr. Markaki embraces interprofessional practice, transformational scholarship, exceptional mentorship, and evidence-based advocacy for raising nursing workforce status, globally. As a health-systems change agent, she is known for her sustained work in primary health care capacity building and global health integration. In support of the WHO Sustainable Health Agenda, she has demonstrated nurses’ role in achieving universal health.
During successive leadership roles in Greece and the USA, Dr. Markaki has enhanced nursing practice, research, and education partnerships for underserved populations. Her pioneering PhD study —and the translated/validated Training Needs Assessment instrument — reframed and elevated primary care nursing practice in Greece. As the first Clinical Nurse Specialist overseeing regional health system services, she advised on national primary care reform legislation. This experience positioned her to co-direct one of only eight WHO designated Collaborating Centers in the US. In this role, she has led over 200 faculty to provide technical support for WHO with a special focus in the Americas’ region. This work entails developing educational program guidelines and standards, expanding education for nurses in low resource settings, and empowering them as health policy stakeholders.

Dr. Markaki received a BSN from Cleveland State University, MSN and MA (Medical Anthropology) from Case Western Reserve University, and PhD from University of Crete, School of Medicine.

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