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Terri Marin


Assistant Professor

Augusta University

Dr. Marin is an Assistant Professor at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. She has made significant and sustained contributions to nursing through translational research, improving the health of very low birthweight infants. As a neonatal nurse practitioner and nurse scientist, Dr. Marin recognized factors that contributed to ischemic bowel disease, identified diagnostic gaps related to this disease, and transformed nursing care and clinical practice through her research. With various national and international appointments, Dr. Marin is recognized as the leading nurse expert in the use of near-infrared spectroscopy in neonatal research and clinical practice, and continues to investigate mechanisms involved in ischemic organ disease. Dr. Marin’s current data identified a non-invasive approach to recognize subclinical neonatal acute kidney (AKI) injury, prompting early interventions, reducing disease progression, and improving long-term quality of life. Her contributions garnered an invitation to the international Neonatal Kidney Collaborative as the only nurse representative, and to lead development of the neonatal AKI Consensus Statement, to guide global clinical practice. She is also the only nurse scientist ever invited to join the Southern Society of Pediatric Research, and to receive two awards for her significant contributions to neonatal research. She received the “Fabulous Forty Nursing Alumni Award” from the University of Tennessee in 2012, and was inducted as Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in 2015 for her contributions to neonatal research and education.

Dr. Marin received her PhD from Emory University, MSN from Stony Brook, and BSN from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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