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Junxin Li


Assistant Professor

Johns Hopkins University

Junxin Li is an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

As a nurse, educator, and researcher, Dr. Li had worked clinically at hospitals, taught nursing students, and led research projects to promote older patients’ health in China before coming to the U.S.

Dr. Li’s current research focuses on improving the quality of care in long-term care and promoting sleep and cognitive health in aging. Her work on person-centered care in long-term care has provided evidence and evaluation tools to support the long-term care culture change from the task-oriented care to a person-centered approach. This work also helped develop a nursing staff training program in long-term care in China. Dr. Li’s work on identifying optimal features of napping for cardiovascular and cognitive health provides recommendations for daytime sleep practice in aging. Dr. Li has also developed and tested personalized exercise interventions implementing mHealth to improve sleep and cognition in older adults. Through working at professional organizations in the U.S. and collaborations in China, Dr. Li has led numbers of collaborative research projects and helped to build research and educational networks between universities in the two countries.

Dr. Li received her BSN from Beihua University, China, her MSN from Jilin University, China, her PhD from the University at Buffalo, and her Postdoctoral Fellowship from the University of Pennsylvania.

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