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Susan K. Lee


Program Director

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Susan K. Lee, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, CPXP is the Program Director for Health Care Disparities, Diversity and Advocacy at The University of Texas- MD Anderson Cancer Center, School of Health Professions. Dr. Lee is an experienced nurse educator whose research interests include veteran homelessness, social determinants of health, and concept-based curriculum. Dr. Lee’s research positions her as a thought leader on issues including healthcare decision-making for homeless veterans, companion animals within the homeless population, administrators’ perspectives regarding companion animals to affect policy change, and homelessness prevention. Eight of her homeless research studies have been disseminated at international presentations since 2015. Dr. Lee was lead author on eight chapters in Case Studies in Public Health Nursing (2020); authored four international/national publications; and presented at 19 international/national conferences. She serves on the Advisory Committee for Homeless Veterans in Washington, DC, which advises the VA Secretary and Congress. Dr. Lee’s work, Telemedicine in Interdisciplinary Professional Education, was considered essential for the launch of telehealth services being offered in 64 associated international and national facilities to affect IPE effectiveness that has enhanced advocacy in diverse, disparate rural clinics by training more than 100 patient advocates. Dr. Lee believes anyone can meet their personal, educational, and professional goals if they have the necessary guidance and resources. She also believes that it is our responsibility as health care providers to identify and work with the diverse populations who are at a disadvantage for health care resources and who need advocates to improve their wellbeing.

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