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JinShil Kim



Gachon University

Republic of Korea

JinShil Kim is a professor of nursing research and education at the Gachon University College of Nursing in South Korea.

Dr. Kim is a leader in cardiovascular nursing research in South Korea and was inducted as a fellow into the American Heart Association in 2015. She has dedicated her career to improving the science and care for patients with heart failure (HF), leading and sustaining interdisciplinary research programs funded by several agencies for over a decade. Her research primarily addresses cognitive impairment and poor self-care in patients with HF, and she has expanded her focus to include HF patients and caregivers as dyads and developing advance care planning (ACP). She recently designed an intervention to improve self-care through early use of ACP, which is being tested to improve care and outcomes for patients with HF and caregivers. Dr. Kim’s grant awards and published papers have contributed to the advancement of nursing science knowledge and the current understanding of cognitive function, self-care, and ACP from the perspective of HF, as evidenced by numerous publications in nursing and interdisciplinary journals. Having served on chaired and co-chaired committees of dissertation and master’s research projects, Dr. Kim has contributed considerably to the development of the next generation of Korean nurse scientists. Her services have also promoted nurse scientists’ professional development by strengthening their clinical competency through evidence-based practice.

Dr. Kim obtained her BSN from Seoul National University, her MSN from Oregon Health & Science University, and her PhD from Indiana University School of Nursing.

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