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Joan Kearney


Associate Professor

Yale University

Dr. Kearney is an Associate Professor at the Yale School of Nursing and the Yale Child Study Center.

As a academician, researcher, and leader, Dr. Kearney’s work spans research on severe, relational trauma impacting women and children, the education of nurses across the graduate spectrum, and organizational leadership in healthcare settings . She has conducted and mentored researchers in community engaged work in clinic and community settings on domestic violence, homelessness, PTSD, and trafficking in females, and expanded to national scope in partnership with a large online community of mothers along the pediatric cancer continuum. Her funded work has been piloted across contexts and internationally. She has taught and mentored many psychiatric nurse practitioners as well as PhD and DNP students in practice, research, and policy, for which she has received both mentorship and expert educator awards. She has served as an expert on multiple and varied grants addressing high risk populations and trauma. In addition to her academic career, she has held administrative and executive positions in healthcare, developing unique psychiatric service and training models and contributing to larger sector initiatives. She has held membership and consultative roles to numerous advisory boards and professional panels across practice, organizational, and policy domains and is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine.

Dr. Kearney received her BSN and MS from the City University of New York. Her research training was in Developmental Psychology and Human Development at Cornell University and the University of Ct., where she received her PhD.

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