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Yan Jiang


Professor and Director of Nursing Department

West China Hospital, Sichuan University

Yan Jiang is a professor, Director of Nursing Department of West China Hospital and Vice Dean of West China School of Nursing, Sichuan University. She is also a fellow of Chinese Nursing Association and Vice Dean of Sichuan Nursing Association.

Dr Jiang has established a hospital-community multi-disciplinary healthcare model based on mobile and information technology, which improved the outcomes of patients with hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease. The model has been adopted by 24 prestigious hospitals in China, and benefited over 1,200 patients. Moreover, her achievements have obtained 9 international and national awards. Her research results have been published in 4 Chinese books and 26 top international journals. Over 20 researchers in her team have participated in > 30 keynotes nationally and internationally, and over 200 specialist nurses were trained through her project.

Dr Jiang made significant achievements in disaster nursing and public health emergencies, such as 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and 2019-COVID pandemic. She has participated in the first-line rescue of Wenchuan earthquake survivors as a vice captain of medical team. Currently, as a dean of nursing department, her team was engaging in the healthcare of patients with COVID in China. Furthermore, she was sent to Ethiopia and Djibouti to help fighting 2019-COVID pandemic, and was awarded Djibouti Independence Day Knight Medal for the outstanding performance.

Dr. Jiang received her BSN from Sichuan University, and her MS from Peking Union Medical College and her PhD from Sichuan University. She has been a visiting scholar at University of Minnesota for one year.

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