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Chao-Pin Hsiao


Assistant Professor

Case Western Reserve University

Chao-Pin Hsiao is an Assistant Professor at the France Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University.

As a translational researcher and nurse scientist, Dr. Hsiao’s goal is to bridge basic bench science to clinical bedside care, to understand the mechanisms behind the symptoms, and to translate and apply it to clinical practice. Dr. Hsiao’s research addresses the mechanism of molecular-genetic bioenergetics in cancer-related fatigue (CRF). The study results have advanced knowledge in symptom science and identified therapeutic targets and early prognostic biomarkers, thus ushering in a new direction for the design of interventions for CRF. Her long-term goal is to develop precision symptom management that target the molecular-genetic pathway identified from her initial studies and improve patient’s quality of life. The impact of Hsiao’s seminal contributions to nursing are contextualized in the translation of her research and unique contribution to nursing education. Since 2019, she has built solid, multidisciplinary, national and international collaborations to develop innovative, validated protocols to assess functional mitochondrial bioenergetic profiles from fresh human mononuclear cells, a highly translatable technique to identify patients at risks for cancer treatment toxicities. This significant research resulted in a model of strong multi-institutional, multidisciplinary collaborations that provided mentoring opportunities for nursing students, clinicians and scientists interested in translational symptom science research.

Dr. Hsiao received her BSN and MSN from the National Taiwan University of College of Nursing, her PhD from the University of Arizona College Of Nursing and her Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Institute of Nursing Research.

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