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Roschelle "Shelly" Fritz


Assistant Professor

Washington State University

Shelly is an Assistant Professor at the Washington State University College of Nursing in Vancouver, WA.

Dr. Fritz’s research is focused on the application of smart health technologies in naturalistic settings such as the home. Her research is supported by the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR), National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR), National Science Foundation (NSF), Sigma Theta Tau, and several private foundations. She is the clinical lead for the NINR-funded R01 study, A Clinician-in-the-Loop Smart Home to Support Health Monitoring and Intervention for Chronic Conditions, aimed at developing a smart home capable of identifying and predicting clinically relevant changes in the health states of older adults with multiple comorbidities. She developed a new method for providing real-world context to sensor-based big data to support the creation of machine learning algorithms. Use of the method led to the development of machine learning models capable of recognizing clinically relevant health changes with >90% accuracy in a variety of conditions. Dr. Fritz demonstrates the importance of having nurses design technology for health applications. Her publications in leading computer science, nursing, and methods journals have been cited by influential experts in both computer science and nursing. She is a Fellow of the National Science Foundation’s Integrative Graduate Education Research and Training (IGERT) program, an international speaker on the role of sensor-based data in evidence-based practice, and an advisor to multiple Silicon Valley health technology start-ups.

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