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Jodi L. Ford


Associate Professor

The Ohio State University

Jodi Ford is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Stress Science Lab at The Ohio State University College of Nursing.

Dr. Ford’s research examines the interplay between the social, spatial, and biological determinants of adolescent and young adult health and wellbeing using a multilevel and life course lens. She has led NIH and other interdisciplinary funded research studies, including a large primary data collection effort that incorporated stress biomarkers into a longitudinal cohort study on the effects of activity space exposures on adolescent health and wellbeing resulting is a unique repository of multilevel data. Dr. Ford’s research has elucidated the effects of adverse and supportive social environments on physiological and psychological stress responses, led to the development of standards for incorporating non-invasive stress biomarkers in research, and identified stress biomarkers that may have clinical utility for health. She developed the Stress Science Lab at OSU’s College of Nursing to foster research collaborations and best practices in stress biomarker research and she has provided consultation to researchers across the country on the incorporation of stress biomarkers into their research. Her research is disseminated in peer-reviewed journals and at conference presentations across disciplines, including nursing, sociology, public health, psychology and geography as well as with local community partners.

Dr. Ford received her BSN and MSN from the University of Florida and her PhD in Public Health from the University of South Florida.

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