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Kamal Eldeirawi


Associate Professor

University of Illinois at Chicago

Kamal Eldeirawi is an Associate Professor at the College of Nursing at the University of Illinois at Chicago and an affiliate faculty at the UIC’s School of Public Health.
Dr. Eldeirawi’s interdisciplinary research focuses on multilevel determinants of asthma in underserved populations. He has pioneered an area of inquiry on the effects of immigration/acculturation on asthma in children of Mexican origin. He has garnered intramural and extramural funding and received eight prestigious awards. Dr. Eldeirawi was one of just 12 nursing educators from across the United States to win a highly competitive 3-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars program. Recently, his research team has launched the Global Covid-19 and Asthma Study examining the effects of Covid-19 related exposures on asthma outcomes. Dr. Eldeirawi led a taskforce developing national asthma guidelines for primary care nurses and physicians in Saudi Arabia. His work has been disseminated widely in scientific conferences, top-tier journals, and media outlets.

He teaches interdisciplinary courses and has mentored students, junior faculty, and international scholars. He is actively engaged with community initiatives and professional organizations. He led a Covid-19 task force of over 100 individuals and organizations facilitating access to information and care in the metropolitan Chicago area. Currently, he serves on the Midwest Nursing Research Society’s Board of Directors and leads the College of Nursing’s Faculty Mentorship program.

Dr. Eldeirawi received his BSN from Bethlehem University in Palestine, his MSN from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and his PhD in Epidemiology from UIC.

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