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Denise Coppa


Associate Professor

University of Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Dr. Denise Coppa has been a practicing NP and faculty member for over 3 decades, she has trail blazed full scope of practice for advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) in RI, along with developed and implemented innovative academic-clinical practice partnerships (ACP’s) to enhance primary care for the underserved. As a provider, Dr. Coppa has been an avid pioneer pushing the state to allow APRNs to function to their fullest capacity. This includes multiple state testimonies as well as collaboration with state legislators, state departments (e.g., RI Department of Health), and US Senators and Representative (e.g., Sen. Reed & Whitehouse; Rep. Cicilline & Langevin) to inform practice-related legislation. In 2011 along with colleagues, Dr. Coppa founded the Nurse Practitioner Alliance of RI, that serves as a formidable policy advocate for NPs and consumers. As an academic, Dr. Coppa has spearheaded innovative ACP’s, leveraging federal funding (e.g., Health Resources and Services Administration [HRSA]) to develop advanced nursing education programs, consistent with community-based primary health care. This includes the establishment and continued partnerships with 13 Federally Qualified Health Centers (including home-based primary health care) that has demonstrated significant student and patient outcomes, further actualizing my vision for primary care services for the underserved (Coppa et al., 2018).

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