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Pak Chun Janita Chau



The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor Chau is a Professor of the Nethersole School of Nursing and the Assistant Dean (Alumni Affairs) of the Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong. She is also the Co-Director of Cochrane Hong Kong.

Professor Chau has taken a number of initiatives that focus on the development and implementation of clinical practice guidelines and the evaluation of clinical outcomes. She has organised and conducted over 50 local and national workshops and seminars to equip practicing nurses with the ability to critically appraise research evidence and apply research evidence into practice. Professor Chau is also deeply committed to the transfer of knowledge and the promotion of public health. She is also a Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing in the specialty of Education. Her research interests include evidence-based nursing practice; systematic reviews and meta-analyses; stroke rehabilitation, pediatric nursing, teaching and learning; knowledge transfer; infection control; promotion of public health; and nursing workforce planning. She has obtained over US$1.1 million in research funding including General Research Fund, Health and Medical Research Fund, Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Disease, Health Care and Promotion Fund, and 19 grants related to knowledge transfer and teaching and learning enhancement (over US$1.2 million).

Professor Chau has received 19 teaching awards including the CUHK Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award, Master Teacher Award and Teacher of the Year Awards.

Professor Chau received her undergraduate and postgraduate nursing education at CUHK.

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