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Camille J. Burnett


Associate Professor

University of Kentucky

Dr. Camille Burnett (PhD, MPA, APHN-BC, RN, BSc.N, DSW) is an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky in the College of Nursing, the Cralle Day Endowed Professor in the UK Center for Research on Violence Against Women and Strategic Advisor in the Office of the Provost for Community Engagement and Academic Partnerships.

She is an author, an innovative thought leader, a nurse educator and scientist with focused inquiry on intimate partner violence policy and education, population health, and health equity. Her critical research examines the impact of context and structures in shaping inequities, disparities and determining health outcomes. Dr. Burnett’s work identifies structural opportunities for systemic change and amplifies its consequences on the most vulnerable. She spearheads community-based initiatives and collaborations to help drive innovative and engaging solutions aimed at mitigating heath disparities among disparate populations using her structural justice theoretical orientation. Dr. Burnett has extensive professional experience within the US and Canadian health care context, in the areas of public health practice, public health management, education, research and as a private consultant with her own company. She has held provincial public health administrator leadership positions in Canada and academic administrator leadership positions in the US. Dr. Burnett has held numerous board appointments locally, nationally and internationally and has had select appointments as an AACN Policy Think Tank Appointee and internationally as one of 30 International Council of Nurses 2019 Global Nurse Leaders. Her work has been widely disseminated through articles, book chapters and presentations to audiences globally.

Dr. Burnett received her BScN from the University of Alerbta, Red Deer College, her MS and PhD from the University of Western Ontario.

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