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Brenda Baker


Assistant Professor

Emory University

Brenda Baker is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Emory University in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.

Dr. Baker’s, work has focused on the care of women and newborns, maternal well-being and advocating for incarcerated pregnant and postpartum women. In a unique partnership between the Georgia Department of Corrections and the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing the Georgia Prison Motherhood Project was formed. Through the partnership, prenatal education, labor support, and a postpartum support program for incarcerated pregnant and postpartum women is provided. To date approximately 325 incarcerated women have benefited from the efforts of the program. Dr. Baker’s research focuses on maternal well-being and the role of social support in the transition to motherhood. Her interest in maternal well-being has expanded to the use of smart phone texting technology that provides 24/7 access to education, support, and screens for developing symptoms associated with maternal mortality.

Prior to joining the faculty at Emory University, Dr. Baker worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in perinatal settings. Dr. Baker serves on state and national committees representing the unique needs of incarcerated pregnant women and women with substance use disorders.

Dr. Baker earned a diploma in nursing, a MN from Emory University, and a PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia.

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