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Sarah H. Ailey


Associate Professor

Rush University

Sarah H. Ailey is a Professor at Rush University College of Nursing in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Ailey’s nursing contributions reflect 20 years of research and practice to improve the health and healthcare of people with disabilities. in particular intellectual disabilities (ID). Known nationally and internationally for her work, Dr. Ailey is currently the Principal Investigator of the NIH-funded Steps to Effective Problem-solving (STEPS), a clinical trial of a prevention of aggressive and challenging behaviors program for problem-solving among persons with intellectual disabilities living in group homes and their residential staff. Dr. Ailey also was the Principal Investigator of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and WITH Foundation funded PATH-PWD (Partnering to Transform Healthcare with People with Disabilities) Conference hosted at Rush University in 2017. Coming from a workgroup established at this conference, Dr. Ailey is the Producer (along with Dr. Molly Bathje) of the None of us want to stand still: What advocates and leaders are doing Improving healthcare with people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. As President of the Alliance for Disability in Health Care Education, Dr. Ailey is known for efforts to include materials on healthcare of persons with disabilities in curricula of health professional programs. She is also known for efforts improve disability diversity in the healthcare workforce; She co-authored White Paper on Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Nursing Educational Programs.

Dr. AIley received her BSN, MS, MSN, and PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing.

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